Cinnamon a super Spice? – A study on memory learning & retention

We all know that Cinnamon is a spice that has made an exceptional contribution to the human body. The health benefits are so unprecedented that the location of the spice was kept as a secret by our ancestors. You can read more about this in our last post. In today’s topic, we discuss as to what extent is cinnamon eligible in claiming its throne as a super spice.

A recent study conducted by the neurological scientists at Rush University Medical Center has found that cinnamon does contribute to the growth or rather the improvement in learning to summarize the study conducted the scientist had made use of mice. Yes, you heard it right they made use of mice for this study the mice used in this study were identified as the ones who are having poor learning abilities whereas making them consume cinnamon had made them better learners. As quoted by Kapilad Pahan Ph.D., the lead researcher of the study in his own words states that this is the safest approach to convert poor learners to good learners.

We know that some are born with rather special skills making them able to learn things at the very beginning whereas the rest fall into the category of “Not all heroes are born, rather they are made” this category of people understand they do not have this ability to be able to learn things at the first where they tend to learn throughout time with effort where they have the possibility to surpass those who are born with the special abilities as they are determinant and are continuously pushing themselves towards greatness.

Sequencing back to the topic of Cinnamon is a super spice the study further elaborates that the part of learning or rather understanding all lies in a small part of our brain known as the hippocampus this part is responsible for generating, organizing and storing data in our memory. Now the research shows that a person with poor learning ability has less CREB – a protein that is responsible for memory retention and learning.

The researches made use of Barnes maze (consisting of 20 holes) where the mice were able to find the right hole after 2 days of training where they were tested again after feeding them cinnamon for one month. Finally, the researchers found an improvement in the poor in the mice who had poor learning ability.

Therefore, it is no doubt that cinnamon's immense contribution to health benefits to our human body is a question which is to answer whether cinnamon is to be consumed daily as our food intake plan. Where it is important to source the right cinnamon since the right cinnamon contains the amount of coumarin which is to be consumed as stated by Pahan;

"Although both types of cinnamon are metabolized into sodium benzoate, we have seen that Ceylon cinnamon is much more pure than Chinese cinnamon, as the latter contains coumarin, a hepatotoxic (liver damaging) molecule,"

As a result of this, we can come to an agreement that the right cinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamon) is the king of all cinnamon due to the health factors possessed by this. Where we believe further studies will enable us to get an in-depth understanding as to the benefit of consuming cinnamon to our pets and ourselves to improve and maintain a healthy body.