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History of Cinnamon

Cinnamon a spice product known for generations. It is a product which has a rich heritage involved globally and was consumed by our ancestors dating more thousands of years. So what makes this spice product stand out amongst the other spices?

To answer that we must first sequence back in time where Cinnamon was originally first consumed by the Egyptians as a spice product and also as a perfuming agent. Further this made Cinnamons popularity to increase which later resulted in Arab traders who started trading this to the western word (Europe).

Due to there was a significant increase in the demand for Cinnamon as the western consumed this due to its immense contribution to promote a healthy lifestyle. Further as a result of increase in consumption which later allowed cinnamon to be considered as a spice product which illustrated a status symbol due to the limited supply compared to the demand.

Even today Cinnamon is a product which has not lost is popularity in time rather it has now been greatly consumed by everyone given the health contribution made by the product. Which further the demand for this spice product is greater than other spice products globally.

About Ceylon Cinnamon

C5 Cinnamon Stick

The Ceylon Cinnamon belongs to the family Lauraceae and it contains about 250 species and sub species. ‘Ceylon Cinnamon’ (Cinamomum Zeylanicum Blume) and Cassia are the more important ones that are traded in the international market. Ceylon cinnamon, also known as Cinnamon Zeylanicum. Ceylon Cinnamon is categorised into four major grades Alba, Continental, Mexican and Hamburg based on the diameter of the quill, where the most expensive (Alba) has a 6 mm diameter quill. Ceylon cinnamon has remarkable features like its colour, flavour and aroma because of the particular soil and climatic conditions which is extremely unique to the country. Cinnamon is the most important and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the world's largest producer and exporter of pure cinnamon to the world and pure Ceylon Cinnamon Suppliers from Sri Lanka claim 90% of global market share.

Why Choose Ceylon Cinnamon

C5 Cinnamon Stick

As most of you all know that Ceylon Cinnamon is a product which is consumed and is also the most preferred spice product by our ancestors. So what makes Ceylon Cinnamon so special?

Here we look into few contribution that Ceylon Cinnamon comprises to the consumer.

Supporting Healthy Sugar Levels

In a word where diabetes is becoming a common disease it is vital for us to maintain a healthy or rather a balanced sugar level and to do so we must ensure we take the right food to fight these diseases. Ceylon Cinnamon in this case plays a major role in combating diabetes which is based on various studies conducted where it is found that cinnamon plays a significant part in ensuring a healthy blood sugar level is maintained. This is because cinnamon is known to contain a compound known as Cinnamtannin B1, this is a Polyphenol agent that ensures lower glucose is absorbed after meals which will further enhance the insulin sensitivity. And also as per Pharmacognocy research conducted it is evident in the research that Cinnamon is considered to be an alternative treatment approach to treat Mellitus Diabetes as this reduces insulin resistance in the body which will help boost glucose to metabolize in the liver.

Contains Cancer Fighting Enzymes

Apart from cinnamons contribution to diabetes. Ceylon Cinnamon is also known to contain cancer fighting enzymes. One main reason for this ability of Ceylon cinnamon to fight cancer is due to the anti -inflammatory antioxidant and antimicrobial effects it has. Further as per Asia Pacific journal of Cancer prevention (APJCP), it is evident that cinnamon enhances antioxidant enzymes activities we promote or rather ensuring the fight in keeping cancer out of the body takes place.

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Level

According to the US National library of Medicine (NLM), Ceylon Cinnamon helps to boost High-density lipoprotein in simple terms known as HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol. This improves total cholesterol and can be instrumental in reducing the health risks associated with cholesterol.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure

Another study conducted by US National library of Medicine (NLM) shows that consumption of Ceylon Cinnamon ensures in maintaining blood pressure levels as Cinnamon supports cardiovascular function which is one of the main contributor for a healthy heart.

In conclusion, it is evident based on the above findings that Ceylon Cinnamon plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy body is maintained. Therefore, to ensure you live a healthy life you must include Ceylon Cinnamon to your diet plan. A point note in order for the Cinnamon to fight and perform to its highest expected levels it is important to consume quality Cinnamon products. Where based on the number exports it is notoriously evident that best Cinnamon is grown in Sri Lanka where a higher demand from the Western world is in place for Sri Lanka's Cinnamon