We at Singhe Ceylon Cinnamon ensure all our products are of your expectations. Therefore, we ensure all quality measures are undertaken before proceeding. However, if there is unprecedented circumstances where you wish to return your Cinnamon order you are allowed to do so.

Here are few guidelines that at Singhe ensure expect customers to follow in order to return their products.

  • All unopened and undamaged items purchased directly through Singhe Ceylon Cinnamon within 30 days of the order date.
  • Shipping cost is to be borne by the customer. Whereas all shipping charge borne by Singhe Ceylon Cinnamon is non-refundable.
  • Opened items are not eligible in our return policy. However, if you had come across with any defects in our products you are free to call us or inform us via email, within 5 working days upon receiving the order. This is only applicable for product defects.

All other issues regarding Singhe products is to be sent to us where the shipping cost is to be borne by the customer. Where the return should be of original or comparable packaging which should be sent (shipped) to the following address.

"Jagathpaya, Thibbotuwawa, Akuressa, Sri Lanka"

Upon receiving the products Singhe team will process the payment within 30 days once the returned products meet our return policy.