Alba Ceylon Cinnamon


  • First class grade cinnamon with an exceptional quality standards
  • 100% pure natural Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Fresh exotic Aroma (Exceptional fragrance to preserve the fragrance)
  • Not mixed with any artificial additives (Sulfur Dioxide, artificial flavors and chemical enhancers)
  • Vegan - friendly
  • 6mm Diameter
  • Sealed packaging to preserve longer shelf life.


Alba Cinnamon is considered to be the highest form of cinnamon unrivaled compared to the other grades with an exceptional aroma and the culinary experience provided to the consumers. Making Alba one of the highly demanded and a rare cinnamon grade with compared with other cinnamon grades.

Further we ensure that Alba Cinnamon is extracted while preserving its natural attributes excluding all artificial preservatives in order to provide the consumers with unique cinnamon experience.